Is your question about the next swim?

Please note that we will not be responding to questions about event dates or availability of places via email or social media.

All correspondence will be with swimmers who have purchased an event place via this website / ticket tailor.

Please read the information in the swimmer’s section of this website for more deatils.

If your question is about event dates or availability of places, please see the swimmers and FAQ page

We have tried our best to answer all possible questions in our Q&A section so please visit that page first.

Did you know we also have a Facebook group?

We do have also Facebook group which is a good place to ask questions to fellow swimmers about training, wet-suit purchases and repairs etc.

This group will only be active when announcements are being made. Note applications will be batch approved ahead of any announcements?

The reasons for this decision!

We organise this event in our own spare time and as such wish to maximise what time we have, on organising rather than answering questions. We do hope that you can appreciate this