Brownsea Swim 2024

2024 Swim  

The price and timings shown below are provisional and are still to be confirmed, once we have final green light to proceed.

Event Date: 23rd June 2024
Fallback Date: 07th July 2024

Entry Fee: £115.00

Registration:  07:00am
Ferry from: 08.15am

Swim start: 09:40am.

Entry Tickets Go Live on 10th Feb 2024 @18:00hrs
Entry Process View the Entry Process

Updates: Watch this website for further updates

We are delighted to announce that we have again managed to muster an enthusiastic team willing to organise the swim in 2024

We are extremely lucky with tides this year in not only allowing a reasonable start time, but also for providing us more than just one date. As such it is our intention at this stage to offer and alternative date as a fallback,  in case we have to cancel on the first date due to circumstances out of our control, i.e. pollution, unfavourable weather. Therefore please indicate on the entry form if you are available for the fall back date which is the 7th July 2024.

We will be looking to get 250 swimmers across to the Island in the  2024 swim. All swimmers will depart from Poole Quay. We will not be organising the Half distance Swim this year.  If the 2024 swim is successful then we are hopeful that we can increase the entry  number and bring back the half distance swim for future events.

As the 2023 swim was cancelled due to horrendous weather conditions we will, as promised, be offering all entrants (at the time of the cancelation) from last year's swim, a priority entry. These places will be offered out on the 27th January @18:00hrs. Any available spaces after that round of entries, will be offered out to general availability on the 10th February @18:00hrs. We will of course keep you posted on the availability during that time.

It is also worth mentioning that each swimmer wishing to enter, has to have a unique email address. click the link to find out why.

The Brownsea Swim Team

Updates regarding the 2024 Swim will be posted here  
Latest update is No.1 - Dec 01st 2024

No.2   Jan 24

No.1 Dec 01st  2023
Dates confirmed - and planning work has started on the 2024 swim


#1) Please note that we will not be operating a mailing list this year. 

This will allow us to concentrate on getting the entry process ready and for us to progress with all the behind the scenes work. 

#2) Each Swimmer needs a unique Email Address

#3) There is no half swim distance this year!

#4) Approx. Time Line

The Brownsea Island Swim is RLSS Poole Lifeguard's main fund raising event and our primary source of funding. 

As a registered charity / non profit club, we would really appreciate it if you could support RLSS Poole Lifeguard, who organise the Brownsea Swim. We have been providing invaluable training in Lifesaving, First Aid and Resuscitation skills along with core life skills to our members and since 1975.  Any donations received will enable us to continue, as a community club, teaching vital lifesaving skills to your 'Lifeguards' of the future. 

We are, an entirely voluntary club whose aim is to provide safety cover at a number of open water swimming events (including Brownsea Swim), sailing and canoeing events as well as safety cover at sponsored swims, swimming galas and other similar events throughout the year. The Club operates an inshore rescue boat; named ‘Legacy!’ and a low powered craft named ‘Apollo’; both based at Sandbanks. In addition, we have a large number of paddle craft..

Members are encouraged to participate in our safety cover activities and to take RLSS lifesaving and lifeguard qualifications. Our members are trained to be capable of taking individual rescue action or work as a team when the occasion demands.

many thanks in advance :-)