We are doing our bit and going Green

Environmental Mission Statement

The Royal Life Saving Society -UK (RLSS-UK)’s purpose is to enhance communities, so everyone can enjoy being on and around the water safely, because every life is worth saving.  Their work is vital in every city, town, community, and home.

As an affiliated Club to the RLSS-UK and an independent charity of our own , we are also committed to our environmental responsibilities and becoming carbon neutral, we are particularly concerned about the issue of microplastics in water and we are taking steps to minimise and eventually eliminate single-use plastics throughout our event.

This year, as event organisers, we have included steps to become carbon neutral as a key goal. This will include waste disposal, responsible sourcing by supporting local businesses where possible.

To reduce waste items, we will only buy what is needed and reuse or borrow where possible. Keepsakes to be recyclable, along with responsible sourcing. 

Where possible we encourage competitors to travel by cycling, using public transport and car sharing.

Multiple water refill points for competitors to fill their own bottles, no single use bottles of water will be supplied.

All of our volunteers will clean, collect rubbish, and recycle materials to return the beach to its normal state after the event.

We will continue to build on this and consider and reduce our environmental impact in everything we do.

Underwater Camera System

In 2019 the Brownsea Swim also raised funds to help the National Trust replace an old underwater camera system. 

The purchase of new filming equipment would mean that the National Trust can share a window into a world unseen by most, so that they can better understand and want to protect this fragile ecosystem.

Click here to see the prolific sea life just off the jetties on Brownsea...