Our Safety Team

The Swim would not be able to happen without the help of our many safety team volunteers. 

We are very grateful for all of your help and support that helps make the swim possible!

By the very nature of this 6.Km swim being in Poole harbour, around a large island, with some very fast tides  and lots of boats traffic, especially as the start /finish  line is close to the harbour entrance, some very special attention has to be given to the safety of all our swimmers and our safety and marshal teams.

To this end RLSS Poole Lifeguard have used detailed risk assessments to determine the format of the safety cover provided. This this includes a 3 layered approach, using paddle craft as the first layer, backed up by safety boats, which are then backed up by large boats, that can take more than 1 swimmer and provide warmth and shelter and act as a base whilst evacuation plans are implemented. 

For a swim of 325 swimmers, we will have a minimum of 40 paddlers,  8 safety boats and  2 large boats., although we aim to exceed this minimum by a good 25% each year which means that on average the safety crew and marshal team comprises  approx. of 120 people.  

This should leave you feeling very comfortable knowing that you are being very well looked after through out your swim!!

The Paddle Craft team, Safety Boats and Larger Boats are all compiled form a whole host of local  Life Saving Clubs, canoe clubs , open water swim groups as well as general members of the public who just love being involved with this event.

That adds up to a large number of people all providing their time for free to enable this event to go ahead. SO PLEASE BE NICE THEM ALL

We do however, recognise their support by donating a good proportion of the Entry Fee, for this event,  to these clubs as a thank you for coming and helping out. 

This event is  true example of how so may clubs and people pull together to make this event stand out in the ope water swim  calendar..

If you would like to know more about each of these wonderful clubs then got to the 'Our Local Clubs' section of this website and click on the links to each club