Spectator Arrangements

We encourage all spectators to meet their swimmers after the event finishes, outside the castle grounds.

Presentations will take place in the grounds of the Villano (cafe) garden. 

The National Trust do encourage supporters of the swim to explore the island and to make use of the facilities available.

We are in the process of arranging a spectator ferry with the Brownsea Island Ferry Company. 

We will post details on this page (and in the swim Facebook Group) once it is confirmed.

Why we can't (unfortunately) allow spectators at the start/finish line

The swim start and finish beach sits within the grounds of Brownsea Castle (which is operated as a private hotel by John Lewis and Partners). 

In order to minimise the disruption to their guests, we do limit access to the grounds to swimmers, event marshals and safety teams only. 

This is part of the terms and conditions of the swim, please also see the swim FAQ for other frequently asked questions.

Please note that spectators are not allowed into the Brownsea Castle Grounds and as such they will not be able to see you finish your swim.

The foreshore area we use for the swim has quite a narrow beach, relative to some other swim starts and finishes. (We currently use all available space on the shoreline for swimmers and event teams).

Failure to observe this, meaning spectators are seen to be within the grounds of the castle will jeopardise future use of the castle and as such may put future events at risk. As such, swimmers who are linked to said spectators will be prevented for entering future events.