Event Rules

2024 Swim - Event rules


1.1 All swimmers are to follow the instructions given in the safety briefings and any given by members of the safety team.

1.2 As a ‘Wild Swimming’ event you are reminded that it is your responsibility to navigate your own course around the Island. Paddle craft are there for safety reasons only and to encourage you around the island, they are not there to guide you and therefore should not be relied on to do so.

1.3 The Safety team carry water so that they can assist swimmers who are in need (further details on this will be sent to all swimmers in the event information pack). There are no water or snack points provided on the course by the event organisers. Swimmers who think they may need additional fuel on their swim are encouraged to take their own gels (or snacks) that can be safely secured inside their swimsuits or wetsuits.


Over the years we have determined that the safe maximum times to complete the Full Distance  swim in both Wetsuit and Non Wetsuit Categories are as follows:

* Full Distance Swim = 180 minutes.

Any swimmers still swimming after these times will do so at the discretion of the Safety Officer and his or her Safety Crew. 

For info: the average swim time for the full swim is approx 2hours.


The Brownsea Swim has, for 2024 only,  just the full distance swim and offers swimmers the choice of swimming in westuits or skins. 

We strongly encourage swimmers to pick categories that match their training conditions. If you train regularly in similar sea conditions without a wetsuit you are welcome to swim in the non-wetsuit category.

If you have any concerns about getting too cold, we encourage you to select the wetsuit option. The swim was conceived as a challenge and we do want as many of our swimmers as possibly to finish safely and to enjoy their swim.

3.1 Distance definitions: 

Full Distance: Approx. (6.5Km) or (4.0miles). Starts and Finishes at the Castle Beach. Tidally assisted on both sides of the Island.

3.2 Non-Wetsuit definitions 

3.2  Wetsuit

Any deviations from '3.2 Non -Wetsuit Definition'  will be classed as a Wetsuit Category Swim:

3.3 Prize giving Categories

Prizes will be awarded to the top three swimmers in each of these sets:


All swimmers must wear/produce the identifying items issued by the event organising team to be permitted to start the swim. These will be specified in the event information pack but are likely to include: swim hat, wrist band and swim start safety card issued  on the morning of the swim at the registration desk.

See terms and conditions for full details on items not permitted. These include tow floats and swim snorkels. If you have any questions on kit permitted please contact the event team via the form on this website.

5. DNF 

Any swimmer (from any category) failing to finish at the Castle Beach will be marked down as “DNF” –  Did Not Finish.

6. DNS

Any swimmer failing to register on the morning of the swim will be marked down as "DNS" - Did Not Show