On-Island Registration

Important information For Swimmers Staying on Brownsea Island

If you are swimming this year and will be staying on Brownsea Island the night before the swim , either by camping, in the NT houses or as a guest in the John Lewis Castle, please ensure that you let us know at least 3 weeks before the event day so that we can arrange for your Safety Briefing and your Swim Registration to take place on the Island on the morning of the swim.

For swimmers not staying on Brownsea Island

If you are not staying at the John Lewis Castle or via the National Trust either in their hosues or camping then you do not need to notify us.

You will register wuth the rest of teh swimmers  at the main registration desk, on Poole Quay on the morning of the swim. 

Full details of the registration process will be emailed out in the swimmer's packs (in the month before the swim).

Please see the Timeline for an overview of what happens when on the day of the swim.