Why a unique email address per swimmer

Why One Unique Email Per Swimmer when buying an Entry Place.

Why are we asking for one email address per swimmer?

We’re asking all swimmers to give us an individual email address, as our systems are organised around one email per swimmer.

If you enter two (or more) different swimmers with the same email address, it will over-write the existing information on record and only one person will get updates.

(Gmail and iCloud all offer free email addresses if you need an additional account for swimmers in your household)

What info we use?

We will only use the information you submit in the form, when you purchase your entry place, to send you updates on the Brownsea Swim.

  • Please use a unique email address for each swimmer.

  • Do not re-use the same email address for different swimmers.

  • You must be 18 (or older) on the day of the swim.

The information that you submit in your entry form will only be used for the sole purpose of the Brownsea Swim organisation, and will not be used for any other means of communications by us nor will it be passed onto other parties.